Portraits inspired by the book Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff and Cathy are in their early twenties in the pen and ink drawings below. Two major characters from Emily Bronte’s book are Edgar Linton and his sister Isabella Linton.  The Pen and Ink style works well for the drama in the book think I will return to this title again.


Cathy and Heathcliff on the moor


Here Cathy and Heathcliff share a walk together across the Moorland.  To follow on from the previous post to show progression I’ve tried to suggest their ages being between 14 and 15 years old.  The birds are a family of Curlews and one startled Red legged Partridge, you may find a dragonfly on a stick and a Cinnabar Moth amongst all that Heather!

Ive used Dr Martins inks and Windsor and Newton inks applied with a brush and a dip pen.  The paper was a middleweight cartridge paper which I managed to stretch on a board without tearing.