On the BEACH

On the Beach is a collection of four stories written by my brother Chris Green, which I am illustrating for him. The book will be published by Blossom Spring Publishing in Manchester UK. Its the biggest project I’ve worked on so far with my work rate tripling. There is plenty of humour to draw upon with lovely characters to portray which I’m looking forward to sharing in this blog over the next couple of months

Combining text and including seagull and whale along with the seashore and flora digitally was new to a traditionalist like me, but it was still a creative journey which worked. My process within the body of the illustrations is to work with a solid line keeping the illustrations direct and clear to view. My next post will start with the first story called Crabs Pinch!

Description of the lovely stories

Beach with Starfish and Crab

Crab in a Pinch

pinking in the sun

Ive been drawing unfamiliar creatures and tackling the seashore life within an unpublished story written by Chris Green. Crab is one of the a key characters in the story I’ve tackled him in watercolour and some acrylic ink colour too. Ive been using a Derwent Graphitint pencil in Warm Grey which I hope to compare with ink line in my next post.