Teal’s Race – Page37

It was a perfect day for sailing

Teal’s Race is the fourth story in the On The Beach Story Collection by Christopher Green. This story is is to be published in January 2023 https://www.blossomspringpublishing.com/shop/on-the-beach/linkhttps:// Ideas for Christopher’s stories were easy to visualise as ideas though technically boats were challenging. In the last of the three images is my original rough sketch where scale hadn’t yet been researched its a boat note not sea worthy on a windy sea.

The story opens on page 37 and two illustrations were submitted for this page with the one above “and its keel cut deep into the sand” accepted for publication. Both of these were drawn over a lightbox onto seawhite cartridge paper. using a fine liner pen. This was different from my usual dip pen but I adapted to it.

Dawn in India 1857

Here Captain Jasper is enjoying the quiet of the early morning I wonder what hes thinking? There is a portrait of his horse Coco on the chair and a length of fabric printed locally.

I’ve used watercolours and pencil on stretched heavyweight cartridge paper deciding not to ink in lines because I like the softness overall of the line and the colours.

Captain Jasper India 1857

An additional pencil and watercolour drawing illustrating Captain Jasper (on the right) on deployment with the 2nd Dragoon Guards in India 1857.

He has been recreated as a lead soldier with his horse on task collecting Turkish delight across the tablecloth in England 2020 . The image below has been posted previously!