Community Garden Rabbit

This rabbit passed me when I was sketching in my allotment it looked at me a while then continued on its way.  We met again in the community gardens as I sketched the wonderful wildflowers sown.  I think he remembered me!

Soft pastels were chosen here as I wanted to experiment. The second lowest image is A3 in size.A4-pastel-rabbit - CopyIMG_6732-cropped

Postcard submissions

These small postcard entries were for a local gallery at Danby National Park Visitor Centre.  Themed on the local area I chose two bridges I love.  The artist name is revealed after the exhibition ends in September.  I may never see them again so its bittersweet but am looking forward to repainting on a larger scale over winter.

JLF1-GlaisdaleBridge - Copy - Copy

Begger’s Bridge of Glaisdale a romantic spot with plenty of ivy.


Duck bridge originally Danby Castle Bridge which can be seen in the distance.


I did some work for my brother’s short story title, ‘The Runner’.  Chris asked for a lovely brush ink effect so I played around with some old chinese brushes and heavy textured paper.  My dip ink pen snuck in all the same.

Cattersty Sands In February

The robins red plumage showed up in contrast to the blue and grey rocks so I tried to recreate that …eventually settling with line pencil work to keep the robins sharp. After adding text no easy feat for myself to do I am awaiting a small print run of postcards . bestcatteresea-darkerrobin-cropped2ndrobin-adjusted - Copy1Decided to try this approach for the reverse of the postcard.

Mallard in Tulips

This is my entry for the spoonflower tea towel competition which I am pleased to say received 27 votes.  Updates in the calendar to make it more readable have now been done.  I took the idea from a sketch last spring with the mallard resting in the allotments.SF-Roostery-Tea-Towel-Template-FinaREDBROWNl - Copy


Over the last five months I have been keeping a sketchbook even when travelling up to Scotland.  The local beach called Cattersea has been a great find for me I have tried to convey the Sea and the weather over Summer oh! I have so much to learn but in keeping this sketchbook I will hopefully see improvements over time.


Bearwood Cover


Here is a Character that I have been drawing for a proposed Picture Book.  I have been making a dummy storybook to send away which happily ended with new artwork using pencil and watercolours with some colour inks.  I enjoyed storyboarding and one of the images led to a change on my Blog’s Banner and Title Page.


Two penguins and a car

Toy racing car and penguins
Toy racing car and penguins

Both penguins look proud to be minding this scalextic racing car.  The ink I used for painting the tyres is a lovely brown called Reynolds Noire though not permanent it was an alternative to using black ink.  The small metal penguin is made of solid painted metal and the taller penguin is made from plastic its head bobs around. It has the word Falklands printed on its front