Boat trips out to sea.

An Otter taking day trippers out to sea leaving the bright lights behind.


Developing this theme further I tried adding colour digitally with a little writing.croppedmockup1toprint - Copy

Early in the morning before the moon disappears he prepares for the day ahead.  One flask of tea, two sardine buns and three pairs of woolly socks. 






Little shop


New challenges and I have placed on the virtual counter a bolt of fabric which can be bought from my little shop named…. By the Meadow


The design suits a small project like this fabric cover for a notebook. Opening my envelope from Spoonflower with the swatches in was exiting it was a little parcel of discovery.



Dancing Patterns

Just one more design twirl on the Scottish dancing theme and then a rest!

Playing with pattern layout
Playing with pattern layout

Thought I would try a different method for a handrawn approach to pattern design,   One thing leading to another I am thinking of digital printing with Spoonflower.  Making something with this novelty fabric would be fun to do and a bit of a treat.



Scottish Dancing Pattern

Thought I would rework my earliest pattern made in photoshop and update the drawing which led to variations in design.  Hopefully the charm from the original hasnt been lost in the process .  Thank you for looking and commenting over the months its been a year since I began this blog it helps to organise ideas for me  and hopefully  raises a smile or two on the way.





Country Wedding Patterns

This little motif has worked well within patterns the limited colour range helps to set the pattern in the 1950’s?  If I could I would like to see this pattern on curtains perhaps I can do some photoshop trickery will have to get my magic spell book out for that.

Vintage Country kitchen pattern
Vintage Country kitchen pattern

Grosgrain stripe effects have been added over the dark hat because I like the contrast and the fruity colours.

Srawberry Crush
Srawberry Crush

Last of all I have tried to create a modern and fun pattern ..this was a joy to colour I thought of happy things while listening to the radio.. I think that worked!

Summer Wedding

Asked to create designs for a Wedding invitation I doodled and sketched away .  I really enjoyed the process and the way ideas can springboard  when using traditional to digital media.


A little while later a design was settled it was so satisfying to see how the line art worked on other stationary tooInvitation_cmyk_printready_frontseventhseal

River dipper

river dipper1

These three designs evoke the indulgent free time that I think we often need.  Ordering chocolate cake using a shiny new ipad or kindle(other brands are just as good) …oh- bliss!   This watercolour and pencil image has been placed into a digital pattern in the style of notebook pages.


Little dipper and nook with yummy chocolate cake delivered and ready to eat.

I wonder what she is reading ?

riverdipper with i podLittle dipper and i pod listening to…?I had felt tempted to replace the i pod with a digital version so I could switch its colours at will.

Checking in!

A few weeks ago, I spotted Mr and Mrs Duck (our local pair) flying overhead, who have been pleased to see the pond close by. Hopefully, they will settle into some greenery and avoid the post-office parking bay they were once so attracted to. It was nice to work from observation and memory using pencil and mostly watercolours to capture the scene.


I had to laugh at this pigeon’s attempt at stopping itself from sliding into its pals. I couldn’t stay to watch and see how things worked out for him, but I hope you like the illustration all the same.


Ballerina Clock Patterns

twilight colours
twilight colours
Pattern fun to make the most of the clocks shape
Pattern fun to make the most of the clocks shape

The clock to me has a fun shape and I think the 2way directional fits best in showing this. This ballerina changed her dress for the evenings dancing wearing blue silk from China.

ballerina clock detail
ballerina clock detail